== E-War==


In the year 2049, two political super bodies, The American Empire, and the Euro-Asian Union are at war for control over the world. The EAU in a deprate attempt of retaliation against the Americans capture a foward base at Luxemburg and hijack stellar core generator and use it to power the production of the first E-supersoldier, E-01 SCORCH or Jack. With super human powers of fire, Jack leads to charge to reclaim EAU base and push the Americans out cacpturing more core generators leading to more E-supersoldiers and an end to the war.


Jack- E-01 SCORCH. He is the first E-soldier and has the power to generate intense heat and flames. He acts as the leader of the E-unit and is of the most skillled in overall control of thier power and combat ability. He is brave, resourcful, and is greatly respected amonst the unit.

Chief Dion- One of the chiefs of the EAU military force and overseer of the E-unit. Known to keep a strict hold over his core of soldiers, engineers, and scientist, he is acutally loose jokester around his friends.

Commander Lionel- Overseer of the E-project, commander of an advance recon unit, and old friend of Dion. Led the attack at Luxemburg with Commander Cody to aquire to core generator to set the E-project into motion. Unfortuanatly he was killed during the generator's extraction.

Jen- E-02 AQUA. Co-captain of the E-unit and field engineer. she Has the highest IQ on the unit and is knowlegable about the workings and handling of cores making her an importent member on extraction missions. Off the batlefield she is often maintaining team stability and and is well like amongst the team for her efforts.

Zack-E03 AERO. First mkII E-soldier. Acting as one of the unit's leading recon soldiers, he is exceptionally valuable in his wide range of expertise from recon support, frontline combat, and aerial combat. Though off the field he seems somtimes lazy and making jokes he is dependable when it counts.

Lezarus-E-04 TITAN. A large quiet man beffiting his control over the earth. Though he holds a great power his control over it is minimal compared to others and relies on it defensivly while using heavy weapons to attack on the front lines.

Draco-E-05 SHADE. First mkIII soldier. He is one of if not the most offensivly campable E-supersoldier with a long history of front line expirience, cold and precise, He works mostly alone and largly refuses Jack's command and sees him as a rival. His power and skill are on par with Jack.






Other Characters

Commander Cody

Captain Francoise(MISSION1)



The Emperor of America

General Albel